The Garage Community & Youth Center’s students and families exist in a reality where they are marginalized due to race, socio economic status, language barriers, and other contributing factors. The shutdowns related to COVID-19 have only compounded the daily struggles faced by families in our community and have made everyday existence difficult and uncertain.
Through the generous funding provided by The Longwood Rotary, The  Garage was able to work with the Kennett Consolidated School District to distribute essential school lunches to the community youth who have been displaced due to COVID-19 school closures. Without these deliveries, a significant population of the Kennett Consolidated School District would be denied essential daily nutrition.
The Garage was able to distribute over 3,500 lunches (100 per day) to 40 community households, Mondays through Thursday for 7 weeks. Through the time, energy, and efforts of staff and volunteers and the financial support of funders including Longwood Rotary. The funding provided allowed The Garage to support the salaries of staff members who were present on the front lines of this project and provide appreciation to the volunteers through gift card purchases.
The Garage and its families are extremely grateful to community partners such as Longwood Rotary for providing funds and support to ensure this program’s success.
On Behalf of our Board, Staff, and Families, Thank You!