Longwood Rotary Foundation Grants

Longwood Rotary offers grants that support a wide variety of projects, scholarships, and programs we are doing around the world.

Explore our Projects and Programs list, review our grant application (download links below) and see if you’d like to apply for funding for your project.

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Longwood Rotary Foundation

Grant Guidelines

January 24, 2019

The Longwood Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees meets the 3rd Thursday of each month to review grant applications.  Please submit your application one week prior to those dates.

ELIGIBILITY Any organization that has tax exempt status is eligible to submit a grant application.

AREAS OF FUNDING Quality of Life, Education, Diversity & Inclusion, Community & Economic Development, Public Safety and Health, Environmental Sustainability.

TYPES OF APPLICATIONS THAT THE LRF SUPPORTS Pilot programs, Extension/Expansion of Existing Programs, Program Related Materials and Supplies, Scholarships, Matching Grants, Capital Campaigns, Sponsorships with Direct Tie-In to Programs.

TYPES OF APPLICATIONS THAT THE LRF WOULD NOT SUPPORT Endowments, Advertising, Salaries/Consultant Fees, Sponsorships without a Direct Tie-In to Programs, Operational Expenses.


Year to Date Longwood Foundation Grants (as of 9/2018)
Each grant made has an assigned member liaison who will follow up with the receiving organization to learn about results. The organizations receiving grants are: 
Camp Dreamcatcher - scholarships and replace flood damaged materials
Senior Center - various programs
Stroud Water Research Center - equipment for water education programs
Fuller Foundation
Kacie's Cause
Arts Holding Hands and Hearts - supplies used by kids participating
Gambia Goat Dairy- an RI international project
Zika Virus Project - Brazilian RI international project to support the 1 in 7 babies impacted by the Zika virus
Days for Girls - provide materials used in sewing menstruation kits that allow African young woman to attend school