Rochelle, shown in the picture to the left commenting on one of her slides, grew up in Avon Grove with her two sisters and parents. After graduation from Avon Grove High School she attended Millersville University, majoring in psychology and sociology. Through the experience of studying in London Rochelle learned two things: she loved to travel and loved London. London is still her favorite city.
She met her husband, Nick, during her college years, and they married shortly after graduating. 
Rochelle continued to broaden her travel experiences when she attended the University of North Texas to earn her masters degree in emergency management by traveling to Turkey for a research project. After completing her masters, Rochelle and family returned to this area so she could earn her Doctor of Philosophy in disaster management at the University of Delaware. The University of Delaware was the first university in the US to focus on research in the disaster management field, therefore it is widely recognized as the top institution for disaster management professionals. Rochelle continues to participate in research efforts at the University, which focuses on policy questions in disaster recovery and management. 
Rochelle's field work included studies in Japan after the tsunami destroyed the Fukushima nuclear plant, and following up on the Sandy Hook hurricane clean up in New York City. So work related travel has not always been to exciting places like Sweden and Copenhagen. The Fukushima disaster was caused by the power of a truly major tsunami. The local emergency management team stayed at their stations in their three story building well in from the shore line until the building was hit by the wave. They were the people shown on TV scaling a radio antenna on their roof top to safety. When the wave pulled back only the structural steel of the building remained in what was essentially a debris field within the city. 
Currently, Rochelle is working for Chester County as the Health and Human Services Planning Coordinator. This means she was involved in the recent fire that destroyed the senior center in West Chester. Fire is not the primary area of concern in our area though. That is the loss of electricity, especially on a broad basis for an extended period. We all experienced the issues created when we lose electricity for a lengthy time during the power loss several winters ago that persisted for up to a week in some areas of the county. Power losses like this are especially hard on seniors, therefore a focus of planning. In addition to her work with the County, Rochelle is an adjunct professor at Millersville University and a lecturer at Wilmington University. 
Rochelle's at home hobby is weaving. She is currently making large runners. She is the official Girl Scout Cookie Mom this year, supporting her daughters. Rochelle volunteered as a UNICEF gift wrapper at the Christiana Mall during the holidays. For a gift to support UNICEF, she wraps your presents for you.

When asked what most of us never think about in our personal disaster planning, Rochelle said the big forgotten issue is protecting key documents. Insurance policies and other legal documents are usually in our homes, so lost when our homes are heavily damaged.