Above, President Tammy Duering, left, presents Ales with her award certificate. 
Laura Elfreth, a Student Counselor at Unionville High School, introduced Alexandra as one of the most effective student leaders she has known. Our club knows Alexandra as a four year member, and now President, of the Interact Club, which is the largest and most active it has ever been. 
Laura said Alex's personal traits include independence, self sufficiency, confidence, and enthusiasm. She combines these to help others be successful and hence be a strong leader herself.
Alex attended the Governor's school and RYLA, which helped her develop her leadership abilities. 
Alex is a member of the Spanish Honor Society. Through the Honor Society Alex volunteers to teach English in the Adult Literacy program and prepare people to take the citizenship examination. 
Alex founded the Medical Club in her sophomore year, and is the president. The club brings together students who are interested in medicine to discuss and learn about medical issues through speakers' presentations. They also volunteer at Project Cure and make blankets that are distributed to fire companies for use by those who have lost their homes. These activities directly support her ambition to go into medicine and become a doctor. 
Alex is the business editor of the school newspaper, The Indian Post. In this role Alex identifies and develops stories about local businesses, with her focus on developing feature articles. 
Alex's favorite activity is playing "mallet".  She is a leader of the school band's percussion section and a member of the Cadet Drum Corp. Whenever she feels pressured, Alex relaxes by practicing her drumming. That is fortunate since she spends up to 20 hours per week practicing with the two groups.