Jeff grew up in Avon Grove as the oldest of five. He has three brothers and a sister. They are now living all over the US. 
Jeff tried lots of sports as a kid: ice hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, lacrosse and others. In all of them he was competent but not a star. The sport he has stayed with is ice hockey, even playing on a club team during his freshman year at the University of South Carolina. That was a truly interesting experience. Ice rinks are not exactly common in South Carolina, so they had long road trips for everything, including just getting to practice. Games were often scheduled around football game times and locations. Follow the football team, play an ice hockey game in the morning, and make the tailgate parties and game in the afternoon.
Ice hockey is part of how Jeff joined Longwood Rotary. He plays in an adult league now with Len Vannicola and Mark Rybaczyk. They talked Jeff into joining our club.
Jeff majored in Accounting and has been a practicing accountant since graduating. He worked for 2 Delaware firms and now has joined his father's firm here. 
One of Jeff's favorite activities is driving across the US to visit new states. So far he has visited 34, and his goal is to visit all 50. Frequently these trips are done with his younger brother, so they are a great way to stay connected with his far flung siblings. In addition to travel, Jeff is involved with Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity. Jeff finds interacting with the athletes at Special Olympics events especially rewarding. They are incredibly warm and absolutely love their sport. Working as a Habitat for Humanity volunteer Jeff has helped build about a half dozen homes here in Chester County. The reward here comes from the joy of the families moving in to the new homes.