Dawn describes herself as a child of the 1960's, which she feels is signified by her name, Dawn. As evidence, Dawn offered that she was named after the book Dawn in the Morning which was popular in the 60's. Her two sisters, one older and one younger, are very close to her. First their ages only range across 3 years. Second they were best friends growing up, and that continues today. 
Growing up in Towson MD, Dawn was a cheerleader in high school. From high school Dawn went to college at Frostburg State in western Maryland. After graduating with a degree in Finance and Economics, Dawn took time out and spent two years skiing in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Only then did she enter the traditional workforce. She has been a stock broker, investment company wholesale sales person, and banker.
She also started her travelling hobby - going to Europe and Africa on multiple trips. Somewhere in this active time Dawn met her husband, Steve. They moved to Kennett Square 17 years ago to raise their family of two sons, Brennen and Hayden, while Steve continued to build his architecture practice in Baltimore.
The boys are swimming and playing tennis for the Kennett High School teams and doing well in school. They are also both on their way to being Eagle Scouts, just as Steve was in his youth. We can expect to hear about their Eagle Scout projects soon after they have been finalized.
Scouting was the reason for their latest trip to Europe. They attended an international scouting Jamboree in Switzerland this past summer. It was an incredible time for everyone. 
Several years ago Dawn and Steve added another son to their family - Bruno. Bruno, who was basically living as a street child in Guatemala, broke his hip while emigrating to the US. The "coyotes" dumped him into our medical system, and he became a "DuPont child" - receiving his medical care through the Alfred I DuPont hospital. Steve and Dawn took Bruno into their family where he is thriving. They expect he will receive his green card soon. Bruno plans to attend Delaware County Community College next year, and then West Chester University as he prepares to become an attorney focused on immigration. 
Dawn is now the Executive Director of After-the-Bell. Prior to taking on this role Dawn was a program manager and then a program director.