George Gower has been working with the Anson Nixon Park Board to develop plans for upgrading the current playground we helped install several years ago to provide fixtures suitable for children with handicaps. The planned changes include adding two new play areas, a specially designed swing and spinner, covering the ground surrounding these with rubber material as required by safety requirements, replacing the existing activity panel that is falling apart from constant use, and replacing the mulch around the climbing rocks with rubber material to end the cost of filling the voids in the mulch created by the kids playing on the rocks. 
The cost for this project is estimated to be $41,060. That breaks down to $10,260 for the new play equipment, $800 for the replacement activity panel, $5,000 for site preparation (removing a mature tree that is starting to fail makes up most of this), and $25,000 for the new rubber ground cover material. We would provide a good portion of the labor needed for the installation work.